I realize my storefront has looked a bit spartan the last few months with almost everything being sold out. It takes many steps to get the wallets produced and ready for sale and I’ve also been hard at work creating the Soft Shell line which has just finished its Kickstarter campaign and is in production now.

Response to the RFID blocking card sleeves has been very positive and several of you asked about whether I would consider making the whole wallet out of that material. My first thought was that it would be waaaay too expensive, but I worked directly with the manufacturer for many months to come up with some ways to streamline things and make it reasonable. In fact, after some initial testing, I decided to go with an even higher quality 2-ply Tyvek which gives the wallet a more substantial feeling regardless of whether you’re even interested in the RFID protection.

I’m quite pleased with how they came out and am super excited to bring them to you. Here’s a summary of their features:

  • 2-ply Tyvek for added durability
  • RFID blocking material between Tyvek layers throughout whole wallet
  • Double printed for deeper ink coverage and penetration
The wallets block cards which operate at 13.56 MHz and above including:
  • ID Cards (Canada, Washington, Michigan, New York, and Vermont)
  • Credit cards (PayPass, Blink, sQuid)
  • Military cards such as CAC (Common Access Cards)
  • Building access cards* (HID iClass, HID MIFARE, HID FlexSmart, DESFire
  • Transit cards (Boston Charlie, DC Metro)
  • Government  such as TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential)

*Some building access cards are NOT shielded including HID 125 KHz.  

This initial print run is only available in Black. Black/Gray MICRO and Black/Gray Original are available for sale now. Some Black/Red and Black/Orange are just making their way through being packaged so should be ready to order within 1-2 weeks.

Thanks to so many of you who provided input leading to the creation of this product. Let me know what you think of this first RFID blocking addition to the SlimFold line...

UPDATE: All of our wallets now come with RFID blocking options.