Soft Shell Customer Reviews

I am currently using the Micro SS wallet and am impressed at how thin this thing is...seriously? I carry five cards, hidden bills and some cash along with ID of's incredible! I'm going to get more... Thanks for an outstanding product :)
Ro (California)

I actually received it yesterday and it's really snazzy looking and HOLY COW is it ever slim!
Great work and I would and am recommending it to my friends.
Personal Ratings:
10/10 for Looks
10/10 for Feel of the wallet
10/10 for Slimness of the wallet
10/10 actually repels water really well
Overall I believe that this project was a well worth investment and it has created a great wallet that I had hoped for. I hope that your future projects also turn out this way! :D
Andrew (Canada)

Thanks for a great product and kudos on fantastic execution!!
Niraj (California) 

Just got my two originals and love it! Fits my 13 cards + 6 misc name cards and still feels slimmer :D
Nicholas (Singapore)

Absolutely love the Micro SS. Fits in my front pocket and has shown no wear and tear in about a month or so. 8 cc's and cash plus id, love it. Thank you sir.
Robert (Texas)

The videos give you an idea of visual appeal, but in person this thing is something else: it looks and (!)feels(!) amazing.
Tim (Canada)

I got my Original SS and it's great! I had WAY too much stuff in my old leather wallet and I'm pretty much stuffing the SS to capacity with effectively ~22 cards. It's still very slim (compared to what I'm used too haha) and is even comfortable to sit on (though I prefer front pocket). Thanks for making a great product!
Daniel (Florida)

Yesterday i just received my micro wallet and god it's so thin!!! It fit all my 12 cards beautifully while keep thin profile and still dissapears on my back pocket. Overall I'm happy with the wallet, certainly one of my best purchase this year..
Ghif (Indonesia)

Received The originel wallet a few weeks ago, it is a super wallet. Even fully loaded with Cards, Paper money etc it is thinner than my Old leather wallet, which is empty.
Jurjen (Netherlands)

My micro has been fabo! Between that and my ultra-thin iphone 6 with Bumpies, I often forget I'm carrying anything! It looks sharp and feels indestructible! Getting nice complements, too.
Kenneth (California)

Just received my Original today. Fit all my cards nicely, awesome. Thanks dave!
Sofia (Malaysia)

After 2 months, still in mint condition! Thank You!
Philippe (Canada)

Couldn't be happier with my Micro! I show it off every chance I get.
Eamon (Illinois)

The design is genius and I can't imagine how nobody ever thought of this before. By far the most comfortable wallet ever; nearly undetectable in your pocket. One of those rare purchases that just makes your life better. I'm picky about these kinds of things--been looking for just the right wallet for years. This is it. Minimalism at its best. I couldn't be more pleased. The price is right too.
Dan (Casper, WY)

I got the @slimfold Soft Shell Micro Wallet a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it. If you're looking for a slim or minimalist wallet, I highly recommend this one.
Jeremy (Indiana) 

Just got the wallet. It's terrific!
Robert (Tennesee)

Got mine and loving it. People around get impressed when they see thickness and the space inside. Thank you for such an awesome product.
Rahul (India)

I just got my new soft shell micro wallet and that fiber is outstanding. I love that material and can't wait for the larger one. If either of the wallets wear out I will always get that soft shell wallet. It is so cool and that label design and location is the bomb.

Best wallet I've gotten from ks so far. Replaced my prada wallet lol
Kenneth (Singapore)

Hey, I got my soft shell this morning in Ireland...i have to say I love wallet I've ever had...Thanks Dave..really looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!
Shane (Ireland)

I think this kickstarter (and the one for the original micro) have been the best managed kickstarters I have backed. Keep up the outstanding work!
CharlesA (California)

I'm really impressed with your choice in material and other small thoughtful considerations towards making a more substantial looking and feeling wallet without sacrificing much in the thinness department. Great work, and congratulations on another successful campaign.
Andrew (Ohio)

Have been using the new wallet for couple of days. It is perfect. Thank you!
Joonas (Finland)

Got the SoftShell (green) Saturday and moved everything over. It's about half the thickness from my old one, nice...
Ray (Georgia)

My micro SS arrived in the last week. Slim and light. It's perfect for my usage.
Dave, you're a great creator!
Hyunsik (South Korea)

Just got kick starter limited edition micro and it is wonderful! This feels good and looks good. Every time I take out my wallet now it is something that I hold in my hand because the material just feels good. When you first get it, it might be stiff and a little hard to put and take out cash but it gets a little bit more flexible making it perfect. Thank you Dave for making such a wonderful product. I have had a slim fold wallet since the original started, and could never go back to a thick leather wallet again!
Thomas (Texas)

Got my wallet and now my brother wants one (hint, hint its xmas.....) so thanks for such an awesome product and damit!
Steve (Australia)

Received The originel wallet a few weeks ago, it is a super wallet.
Even fully loaded with Cards, Paper money etc it is thinner than my Old leather wallet, which is empty.
Jurjen (Netherlands)

Just received my MICRO wallet here in QATAR, incredibly slim !!! Don't know how to fit my old wallet stuff in there.. Thanks Dave :)
Wael (QATAR)

I got my Micro SS and been using it for a couple of days now. Have to say, it is amazing.
Bao (Virginia)

Love my black and orange original SS it's great :D
William (Canada)

Quite pleased with my Original SS Black/Gray. I fit 20 cards, $160 in $20 bills, $40 in $10 bills, a receipt, and a coupon. I could never fit all of that in my old, bulky leather wallet.
Fred (Ohio)

I had a very nice package waiting for me this morning. Thank you for making such a nice wallet!
Rory (Massachusetts)

Just got my wallet! I'm surprised i got it early than expected.. Thought it come next month considering I'm on Guam. I love my wallet! Thank you Dave!
Joyce (Guam)

My Original SS orange/black arrived today. Everything fits great, I love it.
Vaughan (Australia)

Using mine for a few days now, it is awesome!!! Well designed product.
Kevin (Japan)

Hey Dave, just received by micro SS. It's AWESOME!
Satyan (California)

Love it! Holds everything and more than my previous wallets. I was super impressed by how minimally and ecologically it was packed and shipped. I had almost no waste other than the plastic. Even reusing the insert as an emergency card is genius. Really well designed. Thanks for putting yourself into it.
Jono (California)

Tyvek Customer Reviews: 

The design is genius and I can't imagine how nobody ever thought of this before. By far the most comfortable wallet ever; nearly undetectable in your pocket. One of those rare purchases that just makes your life better. I'm picky about these kinds of things--been looking for just the right wallet for years. This is it. Minimalism at its best. I couldn't be more pleased. The price is right too.
Dan: Casper, WY

"Tiniest wallets ever (and durable too!) My husband and I have traveled all over the world carrying only our backpacks and our SlimFolds. Our wallets (his especially) have stood up to a lot of abuse, including a few accidental swims in the ocean. They're super durable, tearproof, waterproof, and practically microscopic compared to our old wallets.
If you don't overstuff it (I keep 6 cards and 5-15 bills) you can double-fold the SlimFold making it the smallest wallet I've ever seen. After a few days in your pocket it will learn to hold its shape, just a little larger than the size of one card and less than an inch thick. It fits snugly in the cellphone pocket of my purse. I also keep my transit card at the back of the second flap and can press the whole wallet against card readers without needing to fumble around and take the card out. I'm never going back to a fabric or leather wallet!"
Sarah: San Francisco & the world   

"Just wanted to say thank you Dave for the SlimFold. Looks great, works great, and is a great conversation piece. Thanks! :)"
Rigoberto: Winthrop, MA

"My husband does not like a thick bulky wallet, so he stopped carrying one around. He really needed a durable thin one, like this one. When I came across it, there was no way I could pass on it. It was super slim, durable, exactly what I was looking for to buy for him. He loved it! And now has a wallet again, that he will use and not leave at home."
Katrina: Danville, PA

"I really like that the wallet is scary thin and when I put it in my back pocket I forget that it's there giving me random surges of panic that I don't actually have my wallet. In a strange way this makes me feel really good because it reaffirms that this wallet is super slim and isn't a literal pain in my butt."
Andy: Fairborn, OH

"I've carried a Mighty Wallet for the past couple years, and love it to death. My uncle just gave me one of these today, and love it even more. The design is much nicer, and holds my cards more securely. I prefer to carry this with all four sections folded, but instead of the way you did it (from the out sides in) I like to "roll" the sections from right to left. It really is the perfect wallet for me."

"Love it. Sweet product. I had a friend with one and I loved the idea of it. It is small, stylish and a beautiful item."  
Nick: Huntington Beach, CA

"STOKED!! This is the second SlimFold wallet I've purchased because I loved the first one I got so much! I love the new colors. This one reminds me of a tiger (which happens to be my favorite animal) so I'm a happy camper! Thanks so much! Keep up the good work! :)"
Dustin: Martinsville, IN  

"I bought a "Paperwallet" while I was waiting for Slimfold to restock. After a week, the Paperwallet was so worn that it looked like I'd been using it for years. I was second guessing whether a Tyvek wallet was right for me. When I recieved the Slimfold, I was really amazed at the superior quality. Not just the design but even the quality of the Tyvek used. It is much softer, lighter, thinner and even though I'm sure the other one wouldn't tear, the Slimfold 'feels' much more tear resistant and stronger."
Todd: East Haven, CT

"I bought it for my boyfriend and he loves it! We have been looking all over for a good looking wallet without all the bulkiness because he tends to have back problems a lot and wallets usually just make it worse. So I ran into this one online & decided to give it a try. It is WONDERFUL. Looks stylish because of the silver color and the font in the corner that says slimfold makes it look like its high class at a glance. Looks like it would cost a lot more than what its selling for. Overall, Great buy!"
Sue Indianapolis, IN

"Great Wallet! Very durable and, best of all, slim! I hate having to sit on a thick wallet and this is the perfect solution. People comment on it every time I bring it out (which is a little too often)"
J: San Francisco, CA

"I've ordered the wallet at the 9th of August and got them delivered to Switzerland yesterday (24th). That's a very good service and I truly recommend this shop. Also the product itself is very well designed and has a very good quality. I'm really happy with my new SlimFold Tyvek Wallet."
Sven: Switzerland  

"This thing is cool! Just got mine it the mail. At first was a little apprehensive as it is essentially paper and felt kind of flimsy. But once I put my various cards in it my worries were put to rest. The cards help to add support without making it over bulky. The card slots hold the cards flat and snuggly. The cash sleeve is quite large and the addition of four extra card slots is a really neat feature. All in all, an awesome product."
Eric: British Columbia, Canada

"Absolutely fell in love with this wallet the moment I got it in the mail - great design, simple and attractive :)"
Chad: Boston, MA   

"Really a Winner! I bought this wallet for my husband because he always used to complain about his big wallet and he'd end up putting it in the glove compartment of the car or in my pocketbook. Then 9 times out of 10, he'd forget about it and find himself driving without his license or going to buy something without a credit card. Now that he has this wonderful slim wallet, he never complains and never loses it. He's so happy that it even fits in his shirt pocket. Also when my son saw it, he raved so much that I bought him one too. I'm going to buy one for myself now!" 
Jewels: Encinitas CA

"Great wallet!!! I bought this as a birthday gift and it was very well received! It is such a great size and style! Its a bit worn now and it looks EVEN better!!! Now my husband wants to buy three more! I would definitely recommend this to everyone!!!"
Leigh: Yonkers, NY

"Wow . . . This is cool! This thing is great! fits in my front pocket even & not un-comfortable. Stays small & lightweight. Great product!"
Mike: Tampa, FL

"Great wallet! Bought this for my husband, who loves it because it is so thin and comfortable in his pocket. It's perfect for someone that carries only the bare essentials in their wallet."     
Mary: San Rafael, CA

"This wallet is equal parts form and function. Highly recommended."

"Wallet is awesome, so tiny. It holds all the cards of my leather wallet but, when filled up, is about half the size."

"My husband loves this wallet! His old one used to be so chunky."
Myrill: Pittsburgh, PA

"Great item!!! Thank you very much!!!" 
Irene Athens, Attiki,Greece

"Brilliant product. Thanks!"

"Great quality prodct, very professional. Seller answered question super fast."
Lynet: Porter, TX  

"Awesome! Got here fast, given as a birthday gift, and already in use. He loves it."

"Wallet is fantastic, even better than what I was expecting. Dave is a great seller, he was upfront about the wait times and his shipping estimate was right on the mark. Great doing business with you Dave!"

"Love it! Quite a wait for it, but that was made known pre-purchase. Can see why this has become so popular."

"Awesome product, so sleek and well designed!"
Ruth Oxford, NJ  

"Shipped quickly, professionally packaged, great product."

"Quick sipping, very nicely finished, thanks a bunch!"
Myriam: Quebec, Canada

"Fantastic! Just what I was looking for!"

"Speedy delivery, nice product! I love my new wallet. Great seller!"
Cory: Washington, DC

"Happy with my minimalist wallet and it is holding up quite well. Thank you!"

"I love this thing! I'm into traveling light and organized, I can't imagine anything better than this."

"Great product. Arrived as and when it was promised."
Konstantinos: Greece

"Finally a wallet as thin as advertised! On my doorstep in less than 48 hours. Thank you!"

"Thinnest wallet I have ever had!"

"My second one...Love the color…Thanks!"

"It's so nice! Love this wallet. Does perfectly what I've been looking for in a wallet for a long time."

"As described, and stands the test of a man's... hiney. Haha. Great product and good deal! Congrats on your continued success, may come back and get my dad/brother one soon!"

"Amazing, Love it, great conversation piece too!"

"Very good followup from seller. Exemplary!"

"Arrived on time - and spectacularly designed!"

"Awesome. Exceeded expectations! :)"

"Great alternative to the bulky leather options. I love my Slimfold. Fits in front and rear pockets with ease and is pretty much un-noticeable."

"Love it!! Thunk of getting a second one or some as gifts."

"Great product and attentive, sincere customer service that is second to none. I look forward to seeing what future iterations of this product have in store!"

"Ok, this wallet is awesome. I bought it as a gift and now regret only getting one; I'll definitely be a repeat customer. It's worth the wait. Thanks!"

"Great product, worth the wait. Thank you!"

"The wallet is really good, even better than expected."

"I received my SlimFold wallet a few days ago. I'm very happy with it so far. I'm using it as a bi-fold, and have my ID and 4 cards as well as a few business cards and some cash in it. I'm very happy with how flat it sits. It's barely noticeable in my pocket."

"Well worth the wait. Switched to it today and didn't notice it in my pockets at all. Once everything gets sorted out with back orders may get a few more to give as presents. Everyone that sees me take it out wants to know more about it."

"I absolutely LOVE this wallet!! Compared to what I've been used to, this is like sitting on practically nothing! It looks cool, and feels great! Thank you so much!! It just showed up today and I've already told like 5 people about it! :)"

"Fantastic product! I bought this for a trip i went on because I hate bulky wallets when i travel (even slim front pocket wallets can be cumbersome). I like the SlimFold so much, I now use it as my everyday wallet. Thank you, keep up the good work."

"The slimfold wallet is great! It's thin and the fold in the middle make it comfortable to put in my front pocket."

"Great product--my husband HATES all wallets (uses a rubber band for cry Pete) but he is actually using this one!"

"I love this wallet. I've been looking for a front pocket wallet to replace my leather one that is falling apart, and the SlimFold is the prefect fit."

"Excellent product. Great presentation as well! Thanks!"

"Thanks Dave. Got my SlimFold wallet today and I'm very happy with it. I bought mine for when I'm out photographing and need to travel light. It takes all the cards and cash I need and being waterproof is an excellent bonus."

"This wallet is beautiful. I no longer have back problems due to bulky wallets, but it's still large enough to hold all of my cards and cash. A month of use and I am still satisfied."

"Great wallet, thank you very much."

"I love it. It's super super thin."

"I got my wallet, it is cool! Super slim. In fact, you will probably have a few distressing moments thinking you've lost your wallet, only to realize your wallet is safely in your back pocket."

"Thank you so so much Dave! :D After a month it holds its shape beautifully when double-folded and is by far the thinnest, tiniest wallet I've ever owned. My husband also enjoys his crisp new one although we've got a running bet on how long before he accidentally jumps in a lake with it in his pocket (it happens, and your wallets can take the abuse no problem!)"

"This is a great product, well put together and worth the money. If you are looking for an easy to use wallet, that can hold a lot but is still thin, this is the best there is. I did the research! If you are looking for something that can fit in your front pocket, and allow you to carry 10 cards, or cash without being a "chiropractor's nightmare" then this is what you need. (even if you don't have 10 cards it's still the thinnest wallet you'll find.)"  

"Excellent Seller wonderful to talk to. Fast shipping, and great customer service. The wallet seems to be everything other brands like mighty wallet is missing. Its not bulky its not folded oragami that will expand and become ruined in time. Simple, elegant, perfect for what I need. Time will tell how well it last but if these first few days are any indication. I don't think i'll be buying any other wallet, from any other company for years to come!!! A+++++++"