If you’ve been to the site before, you may have noticed that there are periods in which some or even most of the wallets are sold out. Many ask about when specific colors will be back in stock and some also wonder why it happens that there can be weeks or even months when a model isn’t available. I think it’s actually kind of an interesting process that results in this, so I thought I’d share with you guys in case it’s interesting to you as well…

The first thing to help understand why at times some models are out of stock is to get an idea of the production process. Everything is made in USA by shops that are highly specialized and do ultra-high quality work. So to get the prices to be at all close to economical, I need to do large print runs, followed by cutting runs, followed by sewing batches. Once they’re sewn, they then need to be shipped to the local fulfillment house where they are inventoried. Only then do I list things online to be sold.

So if a wallet shows as out of stock on the website, it’s because it’s somewhere along this process. Most often, it has been printed, but may or may not be cut or sewn. Sewing takes the most amount of time and the shop I use has limited throughput, but high quality and consistency. To keep it that way, I don’t push unreasonable deadlines on them. So there is some lead-time when I put an order in with them, and depending on what they have going on, there may also be lead-time before they can begin my order. 

Other times, a color has sold through for the print run. If that’s the case, I’ve noted it on the website in the description of that style and it may be several months before there are more. This is because the process of doing a print run is very complex so I usually do it all at once.

I hope that gives you some “behind the scenes” insight into the process and why simply making more often has several logistical steps involved.

Right now, the Brown/Orange Original and MICRO are sold out for the print run as is the Gray/Orange Original. Others are going fast so get them while you can!