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Original Tyvek® V2 - Double Fold Without Reinforcements

25 reviews

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Our original thin wallet made from Tyvek® that started it all and has remained in production since the beginning! How did our Tyvek Wallet earn the distinction of becoming the world’s thinnest wallet? The secret lies in the amazing strength to weight ratio of Tyvek®.

Note: This wallet DOES double fold. See below for details.

  • Holds 11 Cards
  • Thinnest on Earth at 2mm
  • 9 3/4" x 3 1/2" (opened)
  • Weighs Just 0.2oz
  • Highly Rip-Resistant
  • Since 2009 we’ve delivered over 100,000 wallets to 70+ countries! 
  • Orders usually ship within 3 business HOURS.
  • Domestic: Delivery takes between 2-7 business days (less time the closer your are to California)
  • International: Shipping times vary based on destination but are generally quicker to Canada and Europe… see the options at time of checkout for estimates.
  • Options for faster delivery are available both domestically and internationally.

Like jeans and other things that wear in before they wear out, when to replace a Tyvek wallet comes down to personal preference and how hard you use it.

So our refresh program allows you to apply a $5 discount towards the next one (or towards a soft shell) whenever you decide to replace it.

Just ask us to apply the refresh credit after you complete your checkout.

The Original Size Tyvek® wallet further reduces thickness while in use by arranging the cards in separate stacks instead of overlapping them.

When first introduced, some folks single folded it and others double folded. Over the past 10 years it’s undergone few changes. For awhile we included plastic pieces inside but customers preferred it without the plastic so they could double fold it. This makes it only the footprint of a credit card.

So we're bringing it back... these are just like the first wallets we introduced and the gray/gray has a sleek new debossed logo

The thickness difference is negligible (like just a few sheets of paper) and if you don’t double-fold, the two side by side stacks will ultimately give you the thinnest wallet possible. But double folding will provide the smallest foot print. 

Tyvek® really is an amazing material due to it’s strength to weight ratio. It's extremely strong, durable and almost impossible to tear, which is why you need to get scissors to open a FedEx mailing envelope!

Both the MICRO and Original are sewn rather than using extra folds, thereby reducing thickness even more and gives them that signature stitched look. Now the only question is what to call them... Original Classic?
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Made in USA

Environmental and Local

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At 0.1 oz adds nothing to your load

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Water rolls off

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Canada Canada

Love it but ...

This is my goto wallet design from slim fold. "Goto" because I love the design (especially in blue cubic which isn't always available) and the capacity but I find that I have to replace the wallet every 3 to 4 months because the material begins to stretch and the cards (invariably) fall out. Fortunately, I haven't lost a card yet but it is worrisome. Do I love this wallet? Yes -- it's the reason why I re-purchase it. Do I wish it held the cards better? Absolutely. Would I recommend it? 100% yes!

Aydin Y.
Canada Canada

Thin wallet but cards fall out

The wallet is thin and feels durable. But after using it for a few months the card slots get loose and everything just falls out of it everytime I pick it up or held upside down. Besides this major problem everything is great.

garrett a.
United States United States

best wallet you will ever buy

I am on my 6th year of the original wallet, still going strong and the most comfortable wallet you will ever own.. it still looks new..


Covers all bases

Thanks Dave. Got my SlimFold wallet today and I'm very happy with it. I bought mine for when I'm out photographing and need to travel light. It takes all the cards and cash I need and being waterproof is an excellent bonus.


Travel the world with this wallet

Tiniest wallets ever (and durable too!) My husband and I have traveled all over the world carrying only our backpacks and our SlimFolds. Our wallets (his especially) have stood up to a lot of abuse, including a few accidental swims in the ocean. They're super durable, tearproof, waterproof, and practically microscopic compared to our old wallets. If you don't overstuff it (I keep 6 cards and 5-15 bills) you can double-fold the SlimFold making it the smallest wallet I've ever seen. After a few days in your pocket it will learn to hold its shape, just a little larger than the size of one card and less than an inch thick. It fits snugly in the cellphone pocket of my purse. I also keep my transit card at the back of the second flap and can press the whole wallet against card readers without needing to fumble around and take the card out. I'm never going back to a fabric or leather wallet!