If you’ve visited here recently you may have noticed that many products have been out of stock.

Our flagship Original Tyvek wallets have been sold out for most of 2021, and many of the other MICRO Tyvek and Soft Shell wallets have been running low as well.

A few factors converged to cause this…
  • Brisk holiday sales (Both Christmas and Mother’s Day)
  • Delay in printing new Tyvek in 2020
  • Focus on producing our Sling Pack for Kickstarter backers
  • Development of a new product to help with “Minimalist Productivity"
  • Shift to shipping products ourselves to improve speed and reliability
I’m pleased to say that we’ve finally been able to regroup and most everything is either available now or coming back soon…


We just completed Print run 10 which includes many popular styles such as Cubic, MONYOU, and several deboss colors. Blue and Orange cubic are finally available again!

Original Tyvek

As you may recall, we put reinforcement inserts in the wallets for awhile which I thought was an improvement but turned out to not be very popular. So going forward, we’ll continue to produce V2 versions which can double fold.
They’re now in stock for both Gay/Gray deboss and the all new Blue Cubic.

Soft Shell

As we transitioned to shipping ourselves, the inventory was dwindling… but we just listed them for sale and most are in stock!

Sling Pack

Production continues for Sling Pack and we’re making our way through the Kickstarter backers. If you’d like to be first in line to get yours once the Kickstarter rewards are all sent you can pre-order yours now.

Focus Timer

Lastly, there’s a new product I’m developing which kind of goes a bit deeper into minimalism that I’ve done in the past with my everyday carry products. It’s called Focus Timer and is meant so help support productivity practices such as Deep Work, Pomodoro, and Time Boxing. I’ll be looking for beta testers soon so head on over to get on the list to learn more about it!

Focus Timer Minimalist Productivity Timer