As I’ve said before, the Coin Wallet has been the most difficult product I’ve ever made. In fact, it took us over a year to refine the production process to a point where I felt confident in launching the Kickstarter project.

Now I’m pleased to announce that we just received our first production batch from the factory in Japan and they came out great!
Minimalist Coin Travel Wallet ShipmentOpening a box like this is a bit nerve wracking… checking the first wallet and having it look perfect was more of a relief than anything. It was only after each successive one also looked good that I uttered a spontaneous “yes!” accompanied by clinched fist and small downward thrust of my elbow :)

On Friday we also received the packaging for the product so we’re sending out surveys to the Slim Pack/ Coin Wallet Combo and Super Early Bird tiers in order to get those shipped out soon.
Minimalist Coin Travel Wallet Package Printing
Once the Kickstarter rewards are shipped out, we’ll start getting pre-orders sent out before opening up general orders. If you haven’t reserved yours yet or are just curious about the design and features, you can check out the pre-order page here.

Thanks for your support and we power through he rest of production!