Folks have been very pleased with the RFID blocking versions of the wallets… the protection doesn’t add any bulk, making them the world’s thinnest RFID blocking wallet. The only thing people have not been happy about is when I run out of inventory!

From a logistical perspective, adding a feature like this requires potentially doubles the number of products in the line. When you add together all the color, size, and material combinations, there are now over 50 wallet options! So projecting how many to make of each specific one and keeping up with demand can be a challenge.

But there’s one little hack with can help out a lot… the RFID protection for the MICROs (Tyvek and Soft Shell) are added at the end of the manufacturing process. If I run out of regular models, a RFID one can be converted by taking that layer out. And a non-RFID blocking version can be converted using the RFID card sleeves. Here’s how...

  1. The card sleeves come in a 2-pack and we’ll insert one in each outer portion of the wallet, thereby protecting everything in-beween. Open up the MICRO (Tyvek or Soft Shell). In the middle section behind where the bills go, you'll see a thin plastic reinforcement piece on each side. 

  2. Slide one of the card sleeves in between the plastic piece and the outer layer of wallet material. This allows extra cards to be inserted into that inner pocket smoothly by sliding along the plastic reinforcement.

  3. Slide the other card sleeve in the other side the same way. If at any point you want to take them out, you can just do the reverse.
The RFID protection of the Originals is inserted in the same way, except they are sewn in so are permanent in that model.

You’ll notice that for some models, I don’t make RFID but this lets you, for example, order one of the orange Tyvek MICROs and turn it into RFID blocking. Or if I’m ever out of stock, just also pick up a set of card sleeves and you’re all set.

Let me know how that goes for you and if any questions come up...