Some of you may remember this post where I described the design process of creating the Cubic Tyvek MICRO. I had been using a Soft Shell for the last 6 months or so to test longevity, but after no signs of wear and a new Cubic sitting on the table from a photo shoot, I couldn’t resist switching over to it.
I’ve obviously used each of my wallets for extended periods during development and testing... and while I don’t have kids, I can imagine that picking between my models would be like asking someone to say which child they love the most. Each time I start using one, I find that I love it even more. And the Cubic is no exception. 
As it turns out, it’s been rising in popularity as well and is now the second best seller after the black models.
I’d love to see your Cubics in action as well so post them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and I’ll look forward to seeing them!