Thanks for visiting SlimFold. We're constantly working to innovate and develop new products to bring to our customers. Currently, our list below features some of the best thin wallets.

Whether you're looking for our durable and water resistant Soft Shell wallets, ultra thin Tyvek wallets or the ultimate urban backpack, you'll find it at SlimFold.

Blue Soft Shell Wallets


Orange Tyvek



Soft Shell

Our MICRO Soft Shell wallet has been a best seller and SlimFold favorite since it first launched. Similar to our Tyvek Micro in construction, it uses our very own custom produced and ultra durable waterproof Soft Shell material.

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A product of USA, this unique class of non-woven material was developed by DuPont™ and is composed of tiny plastic strands in randomly overlapping patterns. This creates the swirls on the surface as well as the anomaly of an incredibly thin material that's strong, durable and almost impossible to tear. 

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