One of the reasons for creating the Coin wallet was that customers frequently told me about random additional small things they wanted to carry in their wallet… whether that be an SD card, medication, or something of sentimental value. It seemed that each person had their own personal thing they wanted to carry so I described it has holding your “One more thing”.

Little did I know that Apple itself would eventually release an item that many people would want to put in their wallet, yet there weren’t many good ways to carry it.

Even before the AirTags shipped, I 3D printed one according to the published specs. The pebble shape made it work especially well in the Coin wallet, making it so you could barely tell when it was in the wallet at all. This is because there’s a recess cut away inside the pouch which creates kind of a hollow area for items to be in without adding to the thickness of the wallet. And the AirTag nestles right in there.

Some folks have put 2 and 2 together on their own and sales of the Coin wallet definitely ticked up. But we get a lot of customer requests for an AirTag wallet too because we haven’t really promoted it. When we point them to the Coin Wallet, they’re super stoked and we’ve received great feedback from folks who use an AirTag in it.

When you travel, it still holds all foreign currency, and whether you use coins or not, finding your wallet becomes all that much more important when you’re away from home.

So if you’ve been using Apple AirTags and looking for a thin wallet solution to go with it, I hope you’ll give the Coin Wallet a try and let me know how you like it.