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Content Magazine SlimFold Feature

Having my own studio space has not only helped with productivity, but since it’s located in a larger shared space, I’ve been able to connect with other Bay Area artists and makers. Through the course of being involved in that community I’m thrilled to share that SlimFold is featured in the current issue of Content Magazine!

SlimFold Minimalist Wallets Featured in Content Magazine

Each time they publish an issue, they have a “Pick-up Party” to celebrate the release, allow subscribers to get their copies, and meet the folks featured in the issue. It was a lot of fun to attend last week and meet some customers as well as other artists and designers.

Pick-up Party at the Improv

I honestly hadn't read a physical magazine in a long while but really enjoyed the experience of reading through all the great, well, content. It brought be back to the days when I'd devour each new issue of ID Magazine and Metropolis.

Content Magazine SlimFold Minimalist Wallet Feature

I'm a subscriber now and I hope you'll consider becoming one too.

The New SlimFold Studio

I’m excited to announce that SlimFold has a new home! Or at least some additional space in which to develop new products and innovate our slim wallets. Since taking the leap to go full-time, I’ve been prototyping more but also came to realize that I was making certain compromises by not having the proper space and equipment to explore ideas.

Theoretically, being in the Bay Area should be an advantage so I can leverage the capabilities of the other companies around here. But when my laser cutting vendor is also making prototypes for Google and Tesla it’s not surprising that my projects often get pushed to the back burner ;)

Light Renovation of SlimFold Studio

I actually started looking for space in the beginning of the year and the perfect opportunity came up when a local artist’s collective and school was moving into a bigger space and looking to sub-lease some of it. Since Tech Shop closed down, a lot of folks have been left without a way to create their projects and this Artist/Maker Space fills that void for many folks in San Jose. There’s a common area of tools, a laser cutter, and wood shop… but everything is more oriented around artists so they also have facilities for welding, casting, forging, and screen printing. I’ve been inspired by the folks I’ve met there so far and I’m looking forward to seeing more of their creations.

Wall going up at SlimFold studio

It won’t be a retail location and I most likely won’t do any production there except small batches for beta testers to use. So signing the lease and purchasing equipment is pretty much a pure R&D investment. I’m so appreciative of all the support I’ve received so far. In many ways, if you’ve ever bought a product or backed a Kickstarter project of mine, your investment has made this studio possible.

SlimFold Studio Ready for Action
Now that the bones of the space are complete, it's a blank slate. I’m looking forward to sharing the journey and what comes from it!