Through a combination of preparation, persistence, and a great deal of luck, we somehow shipped all of the Kickstarter rewards for the Coin Minimalist Travel Wallet on time so far…

Production and fulfillment of this project has a lot more moving parts than usual. We shipped all of the materials necessary straight from California to Japan. Then as the wallets are completed, they are sent back to California for packaging.

My previous plan was to do this “in house” at my studio. However, with the shelter in place orders, the plan changed to doing it at my actual house! Fortunately I do have some dedicated work space at home but it was definitely a bit cramped.

Packing Coin Kickstarter Minimalist Travel Wallet

Miraculously, the Japan factory has kept almost exactly to their schedule. This meant that with some adaptation in California, we still were able to get the products packaged and shipped out.

The shipping plan was for me to send the domestic orders directly and rely on our professional fulfillment partner in Southern California to send the international ones. That plan also remained essentially intact, although I had to set up the shipping operation from home too… both for individual orders as well as to send the inventory to the fulfillment house.

One way or another, we managed to get all of the March rewards shipped out on time. The rest of the April rewards are on track as well and Pre-orders are looking like they’ll ship in May.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support and understanding along the way… I know everyone is facing unprecedented challenges right now. Remember, we’re all in this together and we will get through it!