The results are in! SlimFold is Wirecutter’s pick in 2 of their 3 slim wallet categories. Sadly, we didn’t score any recommendations for the leather category 😉

In case you’re not familiar with them, Wirecutter is sort of like a modern day consumer reports. They do deep dive product reviews and arrive at a single recommended product… or divide things up into a few subcategories to help folks pick the product that will work best for them.

How did they pick the wallets?

Wirecutter narrowed down all the wallets they could find to the top 46 to consider. Then they divided them into 3 categories- Leather, Non-leather, and Tyvek. Yes, Tyvek is also "non-leather" but they made it a separate category since it’s sort of its own niche.

What they said about MICRO Soft Shell

From the start, they liked its unique approach calling it "one of the most innovative wallets we came across.” They were super impressed with how thin the MICRO Soft Shell is, remarking

"the wallet’s fabric is almost as thin as a piece of paper, only it’s durable and stretchy."

True to form, they also put the wallet through its paces: "Although we aren’t ordinarily concerned about getting our wallet wet, we tested SlimFold’s claim that the material is waterproof by spilling some water on it; the water did indeed bead on top and leave the interior dry."

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What they said about MICRO Tyvek

When I first read the article I was super excited that we got a pick… only to realize that we ALSO got a pick in the separate Tyvek category. In fact, it seemed to be the writer’s favorite of all the wallets: "The SlimFold Micro Tyvek Wallet is so appealing in appearance, it’s the one I’ve been carrying almost every day since working on this guide." It was both the form and function that he appreciated...

"The wallet is a delight to use, as cards slide easily into any slot."

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Our customers and fans deserve a huge amount of credit for this recognition. It seems that whenever there’s a reddit or twitter discussion, you guys are quick to mention and link to SlimFold. Each like, retweet, or review adds up and that’s what first got us on the radar of Wirecutter to even make the initial list of 46. Head on over to Wirecutter to read the story or browse our wallets here.

Each little push makes a difference and we couldn’t have done it without you!