With Soft Shell material being deceptively strong, it is also deceptively difficult to cut! During a recent visit to the sewing house I snapped this clip of them using a mini circular saw to do the initial cutting to get it from roll to sheet form….

The Soft Shell wallets have been in use for over 6 months now and the Kickstarter backers were the first to get theirs. We received initial positive reactions to its durability, but now we’re starting to see even MORE POSITIVE comments come in about how well it’s lasted. Here are just a couple...

6 months after receiving mine in the mail, it still looks almost brand-new. It doesn't stay dirty, and the material is still strong and waterproof after half a year - not to mention, it looks cool!

I've been using the Micro wallet since the day it arrived and I absolutely love it. It shows absolutely no signs of wear, despite the fabric looking so thin and fragile. I recommend it to everyone who asks.

Thanks for sharing your feedback and I’m looking forward to hearing more stories about real world usage.