The big news is that I've done another print run of Tyvek and wallets are arriving at the shipping house day by day. The most popular style (Black/Gray MICRO) is available to ship  and others such as Gray/Orange are being produced now. I’m also introducing the Black/Red Original Soft Shell which is in stock now. Here’s a snapshot of what we have and what’s on the way...
What’s in stock (Should arrive to you by X-mas to most global destinations if ordered now)
  • Black/gray Original SS
  • Black/red Original SS (New!)
  • Black/Gray MICRO Tyvek
Arriving at the warehouse within 1 week (Should arrive to US or Canada by X-mas)
  • Black/Gray Original Tyvek
  • Gray/Orange Original Tyvek
  • Gray/Orange MICRO Tyvek
1-2 Weeks (Most likely not arriving by X-mas)
  • Black/Orange Tyvek (both sizes)
  • Black/Red Tyvek (both sizes)
  • Brown/Orange Tyvek (both sizes)
  • Blue/White Tyvek (both sizes)
  • Orange/White Tyvek (both sizes)
Some Black/Orange Original SS are also arriving this week but most are spoken for with pre-orders so no promises on quantities of them available by X-mas.
I hope this helps with getting something for some of the folks on your list!