To meet demand, I’ve authorized overtime for the sewing house in San Francisco and they’re doing a fantastic job getting the Kickstarter wallets ready as well as producing some targeting Christmas. I stopped by yesterday (Saturday) and the whole crew was there working on Soft Shells. They’ve really hit their stride and efficiency has increased dramatically.
Based on my projections, all Kickstarter wallets (aside from special editions) have now been sewn and are making their way through final packing.
Sewing has begun on the special edition Kickstarter Black/Green wallets as well.
  • We are on schedule (or even a little ahead) now for the Kickstarter project
  • Those pre-ordering Soft Shells hoping to receive them by Christmas have a higher likelihood. (No guarantees, but it looks pretty good.)
What about Tyvek?
Good news! Some Black/Red RFID blocking MICROs have just arrived and are available online now.
I’ll keep you posted as things continue to progress. 
Thanks for your support!