The first of the Soft Shells are arriving from the sewing house and they look fantastic. I now feel confident that the rest of the Kickstarter production will go smoothly… it’s just a matter of timing to get them all made while maintaining top-notch quality.
Therefore, I’m opening up my website to pre-orders today. I know many of you would like to have them by Christmas, but I can’t guarantee that right now. Wallets ordered now will be filled in the order they were received after Kickstarter backers have been taken care of. The sooner you order, the more likely it is that you will receive your order by Christmas, but it’s very possible you may not.
Here’s what I can do to help:
  1. If you pre-order now and your wallet doesn’t ship by when you would feel comfortable having it, you can cancel the order any time before shipping.
  2. If you order multiple items, I’ll ship whatever becomes available as soon as I have it for no additional shipping. (This includes items in stock now combined with a pre-order.)
I know some of you just missed out on the Kickstarter and aren’t buying this as a gift so this helps you get at the top of the list and get yours as soon as its ready.
Thanks again for your support!