I wanted to give you a bit of visibility into the production process at the moment beyond just seeing all the “sold out” signs on the items. I wrote this post awhile back about all the steps that go into getting a product produced… and that was written thinking about the Tyvek product for which design was already complete. I’m currently in the midst of production for a the Soft Shell, a new product which was just funded on Kickstarter. My first priority is to produce and ship those wallets to the backers, as they have already paid for them and been gracious enough to invest in the product when it was still in the prototype phase.
Here’s an overview of the product lines and where their production stands:

Black RFID Tyvek wallets

All of the ones which were printed have been sewn. Now that packaging has been printed too, some have made it into the warehouse. Those are about to run out, but then the rest will have finished being packaged.
Timeframe: Available now, but will probably sell out sometime in November.

Soft Shell Wallets

Production is going full-tilt on these. It’s taking a little longer to produce each one than we anticipated, but the sewing house seems like they’re about to start hitting their stride with this new product and material. Quality is top priority and the ones they’ve made so far are coming out fantastic. 
Timeframe: Dec/Jan

Non-RFID and color Tyvek

A print run was just completed for these and they will then make their way through the cutting, sewing, and packaging process. It’s hard to say right now when each color will be ready but they will probably slide in around production of the Soft Shells during November. (Not each step in the Soft Shell production process takes the same amount of time so if someone in the crew has time, they can shift over and make some Tyvek ones.)
Timeframe: Dec/Jan
So what should you do if you want one of these wallets? Right now, I’m maintaining an email list which I will alert if there is a major inventory update or a new product becomes available for sale. Click here to sign up:
I’m also considering offering pre-orders. Christmas delivery wouldn't be guaranteed, but the sooner the order was placed the higher the likelihood of getting there would be. What would you guys think of that?
Thanks again for your support!