Want to go for that “murdered out” look as the kids say?

Black Tesla Model 3 w/Black Trim spotted in Fremont, CA (Photo via Inverse)

Or maybe you just want a more classic look for your accessories instead of the contrasting stitching? Well, the Black Soft Shell line now comes with black stitching for both the MICRO-SS and Original-SS as well as the MICRO-SS RFID and Original RFID!

Black/Black Soft Shell

I know it seems like a really simple thing to just add another color thread, but I was resistant up until this point mainly for logistical reasons. Last year my goal was to keep everything in stock the whole year and that’s not actually as easy as it sounds. With MICRO and Original size, Tyvek and Soft Shell, as well as the RFID option, there are now over 50 SKUs available!

So it should be just a matter of making more to stay in stock, right? Generally yes, but the sewing house only has a certain capacity so there’s a fair amount of load balancing that needs to happen. And to complicate projections, various models sell at different rates. Oh, and there’s cash flow since I need to pay for 100% of the products before I’ve sold any of them ?

We’ve been refining our systems and were able to keep almost everything in stock for the whole year last year except for around Christmas. There have been a few more surges this year and a new Tyvek print run is still in the pipeline so we’re sold out of some of the models now but those will be coming back in a few weeks.

It’s also hard to predict the popularity of new things… for example, when I introduced the White/White Tyvek model a couple of weeks ago it sold really quickly and by the time you read this will probably be sold out.

I know there have been a lot of requests for the Black/Black so sorry to keep you guys waiting but I’m happy to finally make this model a reality. Enjoy!

Black Black Original SS