When I initially created the SlimFold Tyvek wallet, I made over 100 prototypes, learning to sew in the process. Since Tyvek starts out as white, each of these prototypes were also white which meant that I essentially carried around a white wallet for about 2 years. And I actually got quite a number of compliments!

While I think it came out looking pretty sweet, I get that a white wallet isn’t for everyone. From a fashion perspective, it’s not as traditional… but I don’t want you to rule it out right away because you think it will instantly get dirty.

Here are the 3 reasons why:

  1. Since Tyvek is a sheet plastic it interacts with dirt and water completely differently than paper. Our tendency is to project the qualities of paper onto Tyvek, which is part of why it’s so amazing how much harder it is to tear Tyvek. Similarly, Tyvek also doesn’t pick up dirt as quickly as paper either.
  2. To further improve the durability, the surface is actually printed with an additional clear coating at the same time the logo was added.
  3. Since the material is naturally white, abrasion on the printing that might otherwise affect the appearance of the wallet won’t be noticed.

I’ve had several customers request white specifically to make it stay looking new for longer… so combined with the other properties I mentioned, it may be that White ends up looking new for just as long if not longer!

I realize it’s a bit of a risk to make a white tyvek wallet product and it might not appeal to a really wide range of folks, but there is a certain purity to the material that this preserves… sort of like how the DeLorean reveals its stainless steel construction.

The first production run is just available in the warehouse today and I’m looking forward to hearing how you guys like it!