Need it by Christmas? Order on Amazon but please leave a review for us there 🙌

It's been quite a year and with online orders on the rise, we're sold out of many items. Shipping deadlines are also approaching so the best option it to order from our Amazon store. I do make a bit less money that way, but I’d rather you be a happy customer… and make someone else happy by getting their gift on time. A few key points…

  • Only Soft Shell wallets are on Amazon but not our Tyvek models. (The price point of the Tyvek ones is too low so we can’t make money selling them there.)
  • We send our inventory to Amazon and then they spread it out around the country. They can get it to you faster than us sending it from California.
  • It would REALLY help out if you write a review over there for us!

You’ve probably heard all the drama around fake reviews and the only way to combat it is with more real ones! That’s where you come in… If you’ve EVER bought a SlimFold on Amazon, then simply go to this page:

That stands for Review Your Product and you’ll see a list of previous purchases. Even if you just hit the star rating there, it’s a big help!

Did you know you can leave a review on Amazon even if you DIDN’T buy it there? If you bought one on my site, thank you! Go to Amazon and navigate to the style of wallet you bought, scroll down and choose the option to leave a review.

Here are the direct links to either purchase a new SlimFold or leave a review for one if you bought it from my site before: 

MICRO Soft Shell:


Original Soft Shell


Nano Soft Shell

Thanks for your support and Happy Holidays!