If you’re looking to protect your new titanium Apple Card it sounds like the best bet is to carry it in a non leather wallet.

SlimFold Apple Card Compatible Non-Leather Wallet

Not to worry! SlimFold has you covered since all of our wallets are made from high tech synthetic materials that are very friendly to cards. In fact, SlimFold sort of has its origins in card protection. More on that later...

Why shouldn’t I carry the Apple Card in a leather wallet?

In case you’re wondering what all the fuss is about Apple is recommending that folks don’t carry the new Apple Card in a leather wallet. Or allow it to come in contact with denim for that matter. The main issue is around dye migration where the card permanently picks up the color from leather or denim due to the dye processes commonly used for them.

In addition, some of the other care instructions seem to indicate that the card may scratch fairly easily.

Does the Apple Card scratch easily?

From initial reporting, it seems like there are two issues at hand… the material of the wallet and avoiding physical contact with other objects to prevent scratching.

This has led some folks to joke about how careful you need to be with the card:

It should be fairly straightforward to keep the card protected though- just with a combination of the materials and how its carried.

How should I carry my Apple Card?

For the material, both our Tyvek models as well as Soft Shell will be friendly to the surface of the Apple Card. Neither should migrate color onto the card and they’re soft so won’t scratch metal.

SlimFold thin wallet for protecting apple card

As far as arrangement, it will really depend on how fragile the Apple Cards are in practice. One approach would be to carry the Apple Card alone in a panel. That would ensure nothing comes in contact with it.

SlimFold Thin Wallet is non-leather for apple card


You could even dedicate the ID window slot as a shrine to your Apple Card if you wanted 🙂

In practical terms, I’m pretty sure that it’ll be fine just to keep the Apple Card as the front card in any given slot. If anything, it’ll probably just scratch the card behind it… or at worst accumulate some light scratching on the back. This could even be minimized by making sure that a smooth plastic card such as an insurance ID card is the one that’s behind it.

Will the dye from SlimFold wallets migrate onto the Apple Card?

For the Soft Shell I’m pretty positive there will be no issues. The color is permanently embedded into the fibers at the time of manufacture. The wear characteristics are that it stays true to color for years under heavy abrasion and can be machine washed with no color change.

For Tyvek, we’ll need a few months of wear under our belt to be sure but I’m pretty sure it will be good too.

Is protecting credit cards new?

Interestingly enough, SlimFold kind of originated from using Tyvek to protect credit cards. Back when credit cards magnetic strips were much more susceptible to scratches, it was very common for cards to get too damaged to work. So banks decided to start providing free Tyvek sleeves to keep them in.

When I noticed that my sleeve had outlasted several leather wallets I started wondering what it was made of… and why the whole wallet wasn’t just made of the stuff the sleeve was made of?

So instead of taking my protective sleeve out of my wallet, then taking my card out of the sleeve, I created a wallet made from Tyvek… which was both friendly to the magnetic strip as well as thin and super durable.

Fast forward a couple dozen years and apparently we now need to take the same kind of precautions to keep the surface of the cards themselves looking snazzy.

It’s too soon to tell if this is Apple Card-gate or not but there are some early indications that the newfangled Apple Card may be a bit fragile. Only time will tell just how fragile so I’d love to hear from folks how the Apple Card wears over time… especially when used with a SlimFold.