After years of searching for the perfect thin wallet to go in my front pocket, I finally went ahead and created my own. To achieve the thinnest possible wallet, I refined the design by creating over 100 prototypes, learning to sew in the process. Sewing is now done in San Francisco by a shop that does prototyping for high-end bags, but I use them for production in order to achieve highest quality. Other functions such as die creation are done by the best specialty shops I can find from around the country.

  • Thinnest, lightest, and strongest wallets available
  • Innovative environmental materials with no animal products
  • Made in San Francisco

Soft Shell


The new SlimFold™ Soft Shell line is made from a material which feels similar to a ski jacket, yet is so abrasion resistant, it’s rated for use in motorcycle wear. It was even subjected to 70mph crash-testing on real pavement during development.

  • Stronger than leather
  • Bluesign® certified environmentally friendly material
  • Waterproof and machine washable



Made from the ultra rip-resistnat FedEx mailing envelope material, the resulting SlimFold™ Tyvek line is the world’s thinnest wallet. Technically a sheet plastic, Tyvek is most commonly known for its use as FedEx packaging that’s almost impossible to open without getting scissors. Despite having a fully functional money pocket, ID window, and individual card slots, it’s still the thinnest wallet made, both empty and full.

  • Thinnest possible option
  • Ultra rip-resistant
  • 25% post-consumer recycled content and recyclable (HDPE)
  • Waterproof


Congrats to Pebble Time!

February 28, 2015

I first met Eric a little over a year ago shortly after my Kickstarter campaign for the Tyvek SlimFold MICRO. It turned out he was a user of the Tyvek SlimFold Original and had been following the Kickstarter as well. We had a great brunch and he gave me some advice for running the Kickstarter and other general business stuff. I met with Eric again a few weeks ago and based on how relaxed he was, I would have never guessed he was right on the verge of launching a record-breaking project. (In case you haven't heard, they raised $5m in about 5 hours and are now over $11m.) We walked through their sprawling Palo Alto office which now houses about 130 folks passionate...

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Announcing Black Cubic

February 15, 2015

I’ve had this idea on the drawing board for awhile but it took close to a year to bring it to life. When printing on Tyvek, it’s really hard to get an accurate idea of what it’s going to look like when it actually comes off the press. This is because the traditional paper printing methods for achieving the look you want can’t be used: For color, Pantone books provide a systematic way of getting the one you want. There are books for matte paper, glossy paper, and different inks such as metallic. But colors are shifted quite a bit when printing on Tyvek. Before going into a full production press run, a proof would usually be done on the same material using...

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