Cyber Monday 2016

This weekend only- Our Cyber Monday deals are back!

Inventory is limited because we're producing the Slim Pack backpack, but we're bring back our Cyber Monday deals until midnight Sunday 12/18 PST:


When do I need to order by for x-mas delivery?

Good question- we ship all orders each morning. So if your order any time during the day or night (PST), it’ll ship out the following morning. We use a professional automated shipping house that takes orders directly from our website and synchronizes inventory so even if we get a lot of orders, they can always ship everything out that day.

Things are always a bit tricky to estimate around this time of year, but these are my best estimates of deadlines to ORDER the products. They will ship by the next morning from the west coast.

West Coast

  • Standard Order Deadline: Tuesday 20th
  • Priority Order Deadline: Wednesday 21st



  • Standard Order Deadline: Monday 19th
  • Priority Order Deadline: Tuesday 20th


East Coast

  • Standard Order Deadline: Sunday 18th
  • Priority Order Deadline: Monday 19th



Sorry- deadlines have past!

MICRO Soft Shell




Original Soft Shell

Original Soft Shell-RFID

Original Tyvek

Original Tyvek RFID