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Improved MICRO for added durability

I'm excited to announce an improvement to the MICRO which will be included with all new models starting today…

Reinforcements in the inner pockets that greatly improve durability

This solution was arrived at based on customer feedback and collaborative testing by several Kickstarter backers. I've received extremely positive feedback from everyone who's tried it.

Thin plastic pieces inserted into each inner money pocket flap provide these improvements:

  • Rigidity is maintained across the entire face of the outside panels of the wallet, not just were the credit cards are
  • Force from the cards is distributed through the smooth plastic so there are no high points to wear or imprint onto the face

The difference really is quite remarkable… the only drawback was that these inserts would slightly take away from the capacity of the wallet. So I set about  prototyping with a variety of materials and thicknesses and finally arrived at the perfect combination. And now I've had some custom manufactured to fit exactly.

Here's a 2-minute video showing the details of the solution and illustrating how they go in:
Also- All black models and several other colors are back in stock!

There are only a handful of black Originals though so get them while you can. More Original inventory will be coming in about two weeks.

Lastly, I'd love to keep in better touch with you through Facebook. I'm very conservative about sending out emails to the whole list but I'm going to be posting inventory updates and some behind the scenes stuff on Facebook so if you like SlimFold in real life, please take a moment to head over and like it there too…

Thanks for your support!

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Announcing V2: 6 styles including Black

Thanks so much for your support and for patiently awaiting the new inventory. Many of you have wondered why i was out of stock and didn't have more available sooner. Well, instead of just doing a new run of the last one, I refined the design, had new tooling made, and sourced a new printer who specializes in Tyvek.

I took the time to make sure each step was done right and I'm really happy to say that everything is still made in the USA and I'm really happy with the quality.

Black/Orange, Black/Gray, and Gray/Orange are available again... and 3 new styles have been added to the line:
   * Brown/Orange
   * Blue/White
   * Green/White

In addition to improving the printing durability, the ID window has also been refined. Check out the Features Page of the website for details and a short video which illustrates the changes.

I'm really excited to bring this new version to you and I hope you'll agree that it was worth the wait!


Sunday: Loakal Love Day Design Fair

Got plans Sunday? Why not stop by Jack London Square in Oakland to check out SlimFold and 20 other local designers at Loakal Love Day? I'll be sharing a booth with Chris and Megan from Seedling Design so stop on by and say hi...