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New Soft Shell: 70 mph crash-tested durability

A year ago, I introduced the SlimFold MICRO Tyvek wallet on Kickstarter and the response was tremendous. By collaborating with many of you, we have since introduced the reinforced model, which greatly enhances durability. But I wanted to take things to the next level… and do do that I’ve found a very special material to use for the next version.

It’s a highly technical synthetic material originally designed for use in motorcycle wear, but feels like a soft shell ski jacket. Here are some highlights:

  • Durable (Crash-tested to 70 mph)
  • Environmental (Bluesign certified)
  • Ultra-thin (less than .5mm)
  • Waterproof (and machine washable)

Plus, it’s available in both Original and MICRO formats! I’m super excited to bring this model to you, but I need your help to put together a large enough order to have the material custom manufactured. That’s where you and Kickstarter come in. 

What is this Kickstarter thing and how does it work?

  • World’s most popular crowd funding site
  • Payments processed through Amazon
  • Pledge now, payment processed if project is successful (hopefully Oct. 15th)
  • Reward wallet(s) ship as soon as they’re ready when they’re ready (November)

If you haven’t used it before, Kickstarter is a way for individuals like myself or companies to raise money to produce products or do creative projects. It’s a way of getting micro-funding from individual supporters and, in tern, they receive the outcome of that project once it’s complete. If you back the project, you’ll receive a discount as well as reserve your spot for the first ones that are ready to ship.

Head on over to the Kickstarter project to learn more and review the reward options…

Thanks again for your support!

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Introducing RFID Card Sleeves

Since many customers began asking for RFID blocking, I started doing some background research. I found that it’s fairly easy to read unprotected cards using inexpensive equipment or even a smartphone. And that once you have the information, it can be put onto a blank credit card. Losing money is one thing, but RFID is increasingly being built into IDs as well, including licenses from many provinces in Canada as well as several US states.

I’m happy to now introduce RFID blocking Tyvek card sleeves that shield cards which operate at 13.56 MHz and above. They’re lined with aluminum but are still so thin as to take up almost no space. Use them in any wallet to add RFID protection or simply to carry business cards or separate some cards from others.

A few of the card types which are shielded:

  • ID Cards (Canada, Washington, Michigan, New York, and Vermont)
  • Credit cards (PayPass, Blink, sQuid)
  • Building access cards* (HID iClass, HID MIFARE, HID FlexSmart, DESFire)
  • Military cards such as CAC (Common Access Cards)
  • Transit cards (Boston Charlie, DC Metro)
  • Government cards such as TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential)

*Some building access cards are NOT shielded including HID 125 KHz.

I’m interested in hearing from you... are you interested in RFID protection?

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New: Black w/Red stitching

Lots of great suggestions came in during the Kickstarter campaign and adding red stitching to the black MICRO was one of the top requests. I initially focused on getting all the wallets shipped out on time, but thought it would be great to circle back and bring your suggestion to life. There were a few Black/Red Originals as well, but those have sold out as have all of the black originals for this print run.

Another production run will most likely make some available late this year. The best way to keep informed about new products and inventory updates is to sign up for the email list and like the Facebook page.