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New Tyvek RFID Version

Last October I introduced the world’s first RFID blocking Tyvek wallet. I partnered with a producer of a proprietary RFID blocking Tyvek to design an entire wallet out of it rather than just card sleeves. They were very well received and the print run completely sold out before the end of the year.

Recently, I introduced the RFID Soft Shell which is produced by inserting this same material into the wallet during production. That method worked so well that I’ve decided to carry it over to the Tyvek line:

  • Now the world’s thinnest RFID blocking wallet is even thinner.
  • The Original size Tyvek RFID wallets now double-fold more easily.

In addition to the previous black models, Gray/Orange MICRO RFID and Gray/Orange Original RFID is available for pre-order and will ship the first week of February.

RFID Blocking

The wallets block cards which operate at 13.56 MHz and above including:

  • ID Cards (Canada, Washington, Michigan, New York, and Vermont)
  • Credit cards (PayPass, Blink, sQuid)
  • Military cards (CAC Common Access Cards)
  • Building access cards* (HID iClass, HID MIFARE, HID FlexSmart, DESFire)
  • Transit cards (Boston Charlie, DC Metro)
  • Government cards (e.g., TWIC-Transportation Worker Identification Credential)

*Some building access cards are NOT shielded including HID 125 KHz.

I hope you enjoy this new line of RFID Tyvek wallets and I look forward to hearing what you think...


Holiday Inventory Update

The big news is that I've done another print run of Tyvek and wallets are arriving at the shipping house day by day. The most popular style (Black/Gray MICRO) is available to ship  and others such as Gray/Orange are being produced now. I’m also introducing the Black/Red Original Soft Shell which is in stock now. Here’s a snapshot of what we have and what’s on the way...
What’s in stock (Should arrive to you by X-mas to most global destinations if ordered now)
  • Black/gray Original SS
  • Black/red Original SS (New!)
  • Black/Gray MICRO Tyvek
Arriving at the warehouse within 1 week (Should arrive to US or Canada by X-mas)
  • Black/Gray Original Tyvek
  • Gray/Orange Original Tyvek
  • Gray/Orange MICRO Tyvek
1-2 Weeks (Most likely not arriving by X-mas)
  • Black/Orange Tyvek (both sizes)
  • Black/Red Tyvek (both sizes)
  • Brown/Orange Tyvek (both sizes)
  • Blue/White Tyvek (both sizes)
  • Orange/White Tyvek (both sizes)
Some Black/Orange Original SS are also arriving this week but most are spoken for with pre-orders so no promises on quantities of them available by X-mas.
I hope this helps with getting something for some of the folks on your list!