Alert: Canadian shipments delayed

It seems like just yesterday I was writing a blog post about how difficult international shipments can be… ok, it turns out that was 3 days ago. Anyway, now we’ve hit a snag with our regular wallet shipments to Canada and I wanted to let you know what’s going on.

As I mentioned in that blog post, we’ve used a professional fulfillment house to process and ship our orders for over 4 years now. It’s especially handy in busy times like these because they can process and ship all orders that come in each day, regardless of how many there may be. They’re also able to efficiently process and label international orders so they can efficiently go through customs.

While Canada is relatively close, we’ve had varying success with different shipping methods. We used to send them using a method that didn’t have tracking but was pretty reliable. Then we switched to a method that was a little slower, but was tracked and a little less expensive. So we switched to that method and passed along the savings to Canadian customers by offering a newer reduced rate.

This has worked well for the past 2 years, including last holiday season but over the past few weeks we started to hear from some Canadian customers who were experiencing atypical delays. First it was one or two folks… and then in the course of working with them the package would arrive after 4 about weeks. Then when some took longer than that, we’d send out a replacement but the first shipment would how up after 5 weeks. Some have even arrived after 6 weeks. It’s possible that some have gone missing entirely but we won’t really know until a few more weeks have passed.

We’re not a large enough company to have enough orders to be able to see the problem immediately, but we have heard consistently enough now to see that there’s a problem. So last week we changed back to the original untracked method for our Canadian shipments. We’ve been working with folks who have reached out to us about their shipments, but are now also proactively reaching out to all of our Canadian customers who have placed orders in the last 6 weeks.

If you’ve placed an order from Canada in the last 6 weeks but haven’t heard from us, contact us and let us know either way whether it’s arrived. If it hasn’t, we’ll work with you to make sure the situation is resolved.

Rest assured, we’re also actively investigating other shipping methods to Canada and hope to have those in place early next year. I’m very sorry for any inconvenience these delays have caused.

Thanks for your support and happy holidays.


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