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Your thin wallet search may be over. SlimFold™ makes the world’s thinnest, lightest, and strongest minimal wallets right here in San Francisco. Now with RFID blocking as an option. Let me help you pick the model that’s best for you...

Tyvek® and Soft Shell are the two materials available and they come in Original and MICRO size. Each model has several color/stitching combinations and an RFID blocking option.

  • Thinnest, lightest, and strongest wallets available
  • Innovative environmental materials with no animal products
  • Made in San Francisco

Soft Shell


The new SlimFold™ Soft Shell line is made from a material which feels similar to a ski jacket, yet is so abrasion resistant, it’s rated for use in motorcycle wear. It was even subjected to 70mph crash-testing on real pavement during development.

  • Stronger than leather
  • Bluesign® certified environmentally friendly material
  • Waterproof and machine washable



Made from the ultra rip-resistant FedEx mailing envelope material, the resulting SlimFold™ Tyvek line is the world’s thinnest wallet. Technically a sheet plastic, Tyvek is most commonly known for its use as FedEx packaging that’s almost impossible to open without getting scissors. Despite having a fully functional money pocket, ID window, and individual card slots, it’s still the thinnest wallet made, both empty and full.

  • Thinnest possible option
  • Ultra rip-resistant
  • 25% post-consumer recycled content and recyclable (HDPE)
  • Waterproof


So what goes into a Tyvek print run anyway?

October 24, 2015

Over the past several months, I’ve been busy coordinating a new print run for more Tyvek wallets to be produced and I’m thrilled to announce that today they’re for sale in the sore! Some of you may have noticed that pretty much all of the Black MICRO Tyvek models have been sold out for several months… as well as most of the Black Original models. Not good, right? I agree! Especially since those are the best selling items. But there’s a lot that goes into a print run and each step needs to be done perfectly or all of the material is wasted. So it’s more important to take the time to get it right than to rush it and...

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Hidden world of shipping and returns

October 19, 2015

If you’ve ever sent something back to a big company, you’ve probably engaged in some kind of process where you fill out a form with bar codes on it or include a RMA or other kind of authorization number. I can see why companies have these kinds of systems set up to help with their logistics. For a small business like mine, when things are sent back they come to… well, me.  We’ve developed some systems to handle things a bit more efficiently, mostly focused around making sure customers are refunded or exchanges are processed. For example, now that I have someone helping with some customer service and operations, I started sending them photos of the return addresses. Initially I...

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