An ultra-thin wallet made from Tyvek, the FedEx mailing envelope material.

    SlimFold wallets are made in California from Tyvek: the ultra rip-resistant FedEx mailing envelope material. I wanted to create a wallet that was thin enough to go in my front pocket along with an iPhone so I refined the design by creating over 100 prototypes. The final wallets are produced at a printer with the special press needed to print on Tyvek and the finishing is done by a local seamstress on industrial equipment.
    • 6x thinner than leather wallets 
    • Fits in your front pocket with an iPhone
    • 5x lighter than leather wallets
    • Only as heavy as what you carry
    • 100% Waterproof 
    • Ultra rip-resistant

    **NEW: Reinforced version of the MICRO now available!**